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Searching them Middle Kingdom For mBuried Treasure

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 11:10am
Searching the Middle Kindom For Buried TreasureSue Hill4.5 StarsMay 21, 2015 The Porcelain ThiefHuan Hsu back to book I've read many memoirs, so was excited to see a new take in Huan Hsu's "The Porcelain Thief." I was drawn in from the very beginning and felt like I was parting with a good friend when the book ended. Hsu is a fabulous writer. I love his honesty and his bluntness when things don't go according to plan in China. And he weaves in Chinese history that makes it fascinating even for those who know how things turn out along the way. I found myself laughing, crying, and wanting to slam my fist down in frustration as he trekked through China in search of his great-great grandfather's lost porcelain. But there is so much more to his story than that. It's also a personal journey in search of identity and acceptance. He writes about many family members, so the family tree at the beginning is helpful. My favorite characters besides Hsu include his colorful uncles Richard and Lewis, along with his cousin Andrew. Huan Hsu's great-great grandfather would be very proud of this book.

Top Tens

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 2:07pm
Check out some of our top ten booksin different collections . . .Sign-up for the LibraryLetter to get a quarterly list of the Library's top tens in your inbox.
Top Ten Circulating Titles - New Books (Physical Collection)(In the past 6 months)

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Top Ten Circulating Titles - General Adult Fiction (Physical Collection)(In the past 6 months)

Top Ten Circulating Titles - Mystery Adult Fiction (Physical Collection)(In the past 6 months)

Top Ten Circulating Titles - Non-Fiction (Physical Collection)(In the past 6 months)

 Top Ten Circulating Titles - eBooks (OverDrive)(In the past 6 months)

Top Ten Circulating Titles - Audiobooks (OverDrive)(In the past 6 months)

Top Ten Circulating Titles - Audiobooks (One Click Digital)(In the past 6 months)

Top Ten Circulating Titles - Christian Fiction (Physical Collection)(In the past 6 months)

Top Ten Circulating Titles - LDS Fiction (Physical Collection)(In the past 6 months)

Why children need more than ebooks

Fri, 05/15/2015 - 12:04pm

In Praise of Print
Given the focus on ebooks these days, could old-fashioned print books provide a superior reading experience? Actually, yes – especially for young children whose literacy skills are just beginning to emerge. Here are eight reasons to keep recommending traditional books.
   1.  No need to make choices. Lacking hyperlinks, paper books enable total immersion in reading – no need to continually pause and ask, “Should I click on this?”
2 2.  No distractions within the text. Research suggests that the visual and aural gimmicks and game-like features embedded in many kids’ ebooks draw young readers’ attention from the written words, diminishing their memory of what was read.
3 3.  No Internet temptations. The only thing you can do with a paper book I read it, while with Web-enabled ereaders, the temptations of the Interment are a click away.
4 4.  Imagination required. Without the bells and whistles of ebooks, young readers must mobilize their own imaginations to fill in the gaps left by authors and illustrators: what a character looks like, for example or the sound an animal makes.
5 5.  Satisfaction of the senses. The smooth feel of paper and the rich colors of illustrations are laragely lost in ebook reproductions. The distinctiveness of the reading experience is reduced, as well – such as when an oversized picture book is squeezed down to the size of an ereader screen.
6 6.  Literary attitudes. Children accustomed to using digital devices for fast-aced entertainment may approach an ereader with the same expectations, while a printed book comes with an entirely different set of associations: a quiet focus on words and stories.
   7.  Easy to share. A printed book lends itself to being shared by children and adults, while an ebook may not be shared quite so easily. Research suggest that parents reading ebooks with their children are less likely to stop and ask questions or make comments, and more likely to issue commands. (Swipe the page now, Don’t touch that button)
   8.Strong selection. The number of quality children’s books published in paper still vastly outnumbers those available in a digital format. Research suggests that the ebooks selected most often by children and parents are more akin to movies than to books, and thus dubious value in promoting emerging literacy.

Eggsectly The Perfect Cookbook

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 4:36pm
Eggsectly The Perfect Cookbook.Sue Hill5 StarsMay 11, 2015 The Perfect EggTeri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park back to book I think there are many times when I question why I need to purchase any cookbook ever again.And then I run into a prefect cookbook like "The Perfect Egg: A Fresh Take on Recipes For Morning, Noon, And Night."  I really love this cookbook. 

The book is broken down between morning, snacks, afternoon, night, and sweets. There are a wide variety of ethnic dishes; some that i was familiar with and some that are new to me.  What I love about this cookbook is that many of the entries have 6 to 8 variations that give the reader the ability to change the finished outcome to their personal liking.

I appreciated the section on Decoding Egg Cartons too! Again great job of informing the reader to the difference between Cage-Free. Free Range and other terms. Then the two page beautiful color spread of the several different types of eggs used in cooking. All the way from Quail, to Ostrich and everything in-between.

I found the Anatomy of an Egg section most fascinating. I didn’t know an egg had so many parts! Grin! Then the authors start with cooking Techniques under the section titled Eggs 101 Basics and how to handle and store eggs – great stuff.  In fact I learned I was storing eggs incorrectly.

I love breakfast foods for any meal and this cookbook will give me many recipes to try.

100 Picture Book Challenge

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 12:40pm

100 Picture Book ChallengeRead 100 books in 100 days
Here's a great way to get a head start on your summer reading!

The challenge runs from 1 May 2015 - 10 August 2015. To participate in this reading program you may read the books independently, be read to, or listen to the audiobook, or even watch a YouTube video version of the story.

Books must be read during the 100 days of the challenge from May 1st to August 10th. When you finish, bring this log to the librarian to receive a completion certificate and a small prize. One entry per person. Must be turned in before August 15th, 2015.

Get a PDF version of the 100 Book Challenge list by clicking here or come into the library to pick up a printed copy of the Challenge.

Happy reading!

New Audiobooks

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 3:08pm
Audiobooks: Not Enough Time To Read? Listen To A New Book!

The Angel Court Affair
By Perry, Anne
2015-03 - Ballantine Books
9780553391350 CHECK CATALOG In "New York Times" bestselling author Anne Perry, the glorious era when Britain reigned supreme has found its most brilliant modern interpreter. Perry's gripping new Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel invites us back to Victorian London, where greed and ambition never sleep, and passion sometimes runs riot.
As the nineteenth century draws to a close, most of Europe is in political turmoil, and …More

Any Other Name
By Johnson, Craig
2014-05 - Viking Books
9780670026463 CHECK CATALOG Awards:
Spur Awards (2015)

A sheriff's mysterious death spurs the new novel in the "New York Times" bestselling Longmire Mystery Series. …More

The Assassination Option
By Griffin, W. E. B.
Author Butterworth, William E.
Read by Cendese, Alexander
2014-12 - Brilliance Audio
9781491528549 CHECK CATALOG
From the #1 "New York Times" and "Wall Street Journal" bestselling author comes the dramatic second adventure in the brand-new Clandestine Operations series about the Cold War, the fledgling Central Intelligence Agency and a new breed of warrior.
In "Top Secret," W.E.B. Griffin introduced a remarkable new cast of heroes as they found themselves on the front lines of an entirely different kind …More

Bertie's Guide to Life and Mothers: A 44 Scotland Street Novel (9)
By McCall Smith, Alexander
2015-02 - Anchor Books
9780804170000 CHECK CATALOG Alexander McCall Smith's wildly popular 44 Scotland Street series chronicles life in a corner of Edinburgh brimming with wit and humor.
Newlywed painter and sometime somnambulist Angus Lordie might be sleepwalking his way into trouble with Animal Welfare when he lets his dog Cyril drink a bit too much lager at the local bar. The longsuffering Bertie, on the cusp of his seventh birthday party, …More

Cut and Thrust
By Woods, Stuart
2014-07 - Putnam Adult
9780399169113 CHECK CATALOG Stone Barrington enters the cutthroat fray of politics in the exceptional new thriller from New York Times--bestselling author Stuart Woods. When Stone Barrington travels to Los Angeles for the biggest political convention of the year, he finds the scene quite shaken up: a dazzling newcomer-and close friend of Stone's-has given the delegates an unexpected choice, crucial alliances are made and …More

Evil Librarian
By Knudsen, Michelle
Read by Foster, Emily
2014-09 - Candlewick on Brilliance Audio
9781491534762 CHECK CATALOG
When Cynthia Rothchild's best friend, Annie, falls head over heels for the new high-school librarian, Cyn can totally understand why he s really young and seriously hot and apparently thinks Annie would make an excellent library monitor.
But almost immediately, Cyn starts to sense that something about Mr. Gabriel isn t quite right. Maybe it s the creepy look in the librarian s (literally) …More

Ghost Ship
By Cussler, Clive
Author Brown, Graham
Read by Brick, Scott
2014-05 - Penguin Audiobooks
9781611762594 CHECK CATALOG The dazzling new novel in the #1 "New York Times"-bestselling series from the grand master of adventure. …More

Half a King
By Abercrombie, Joe
2014-07 - Del Rey Books
"A fast-paced tale of betrayal and revenge that grabbed me from page 1 and refused to let go."--George R. R. Martin
"I swore an oath to avenge the death of my father. I may be half a man, but I swore a whole oath.""
" "
Prince Yarvi has vowed to regain a throne he never wanted. But first he must survive …More

Hello from the Gillespies
By McInerney, Monica
Read by Birve, Ulli
2014-11 - Bolinda Audio
9781486217083 CHECK CATALOG
From the bestselling author of "The House of Memories" comes a heartfelt and hilarious novel about miscommunication and mayhem in a family like no other
For the past thirty-three years, Angela Gillespie has sent to friends and family around the world an end-of-the-year letter titled Hello from the Gillespies. It s always been cheery and full of good news. This year, Angela surprises herself …More

Centennial Online Book Chats - The Happiness Project

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 12:08pm
Still 3 of our Centennial Online Book Chats to Participate in During 2015!
Online Book Chats: Join us on Facebook for our new Online Book Chats. These librarian led discussion are a fun new way to discuss books with others in our community.

A very different approach from 100 years ago!

Join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bcplonlinebookchats/

Check out a copy of the book with your library card while supplies last.
  • Thursday, 7 May 2015 at 7:00 p.m. - The Happiness Project,or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin
    • Copies available at the front desk starting 7 April 2015
  • Wednesday, 15 July at 7:00 p.m. - The Rent Collector by Camron Wright
    • Copies available at the front desk starting 15 June 2015
  • Thursday, 29 Oct 2015 at 7:00 p.m. - Edgar Allan Poe: Eight Tales of Terror
    • Copies available at the front desk starting 30 Sept 2015

Hannah Swensen to Premier on Hallmark Channel

Thu, 04/30/2015 - 3:46pm

Hannah Swensen Mysteries with Recipes Hannah Swensen will be coming to the Hallmark Channel on 2 May 2015. Get a head start by reading the series before you see the movies! Here's a preview:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2008-01 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758252951 CHECK CATALOG
Hannah, owner of The Cookie Jar, Lake Eden's most popular bakery, is busy trying to dodge her mother's attempts to marry her off. But Ron LaSalle, the beloved delivery man from the Cozy Cow Dairy, is found murdered behind her bakery -- with Hannah's famous Chocolate Chip Crunchies scattered around him. Determined to not let her cookies get a bad reputation, Hannah sets out to track a killer. …More

Strawberry Shortcake Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2011-10 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758272980 CHECK CATALOG
When the president of Hartland Flour chooses cozy Lake Eden, Minnesota, as the spot for their first annual Dessert Bake-Off, Hannah is thrilled to serve as the head judge. But when a fellow judge, Coach Boyd Watson, is found stone-cold dead, facedown in Hannah's celebrated strawberry shortcake, Lake Eden's sweet ride to fame turns very sour indeed. Somebody is cooking up a recipe for …More

Blueberry Muffin Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2011-09 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758278418 CHECK CATALOG
As Lake Eden prepares for its annual Winter Carnival, America's "Cooking Sweetheart," Connie Mac, is named creator of the official carnival cake. That leaves a bitter taste in Hannah Swensen's mouth. But when Hannah opens her bakery, The Cookie Jar, and finds the domineering Connie dead in her pantry, she must save her shop by finding the killer herself. HC: Kensington. Pub. 2/03. …More

Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2003-03 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
0758201508 CHECK CATALOG
The acclaimed author of "Blueberry Muffin Murder" entices readers with another delicious slice of small-town ilife, laughs, love, and murder, starring bakery-owner and sleuth extraordinaire Hannah Swensen. …More

Fudge Cupcake Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2011-06 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758273611 CHECK CATALOG
Intrepid amateur sleuth and bakery owner Hannah Swensen just can't keep her hands out of the batter when a murder stirs things up in Lake Eden, Minnesota, leaving the sheriff dead, a deputy accused, and a killer on the loose. …More

Sugar Cookie Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2004-10 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
Martin Dubinski arrives at the buffet with his new Vegas showgirl wife--all wrapped up in glitter and fur. His ex-wife, however, seems as cool as chilled eggnog. And when an antique cake knife is discovered in the dcolletage of the new--and now late--Mrs. Dubinski, the festivities are put on ice. …More

Peach Cobbler Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2005-03 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
0758201540 CHECK CATALOG
Hanna Swensen takes on an unexpected new role as prime suspect in Joanne Fluke's latest, most satisfying mystery which serves up deliciously unpredictable plot twists along with mouthwatering recipes everyone will love. …More

Cherry Cheesecake Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2006-03 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758202949 CHECK CATALOG
Delectable sleuth and bake shop owner Hannah Swensen is on the case of a murdered Hollywood director who soon discovers that fame can be anything but sweet--it can be downright deadly. …More

Key Lime Pie Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2007-03 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758210180 CHECK CATALOG
Hannah Swensen discovers Willa Sundquist dead alongside an upended key lime pie, but who would want to kill Willa--a junior college teacher and fellow baking contest judge--and why? Includes 12 original dessert recipes. …More

Carrot Cake Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2009-02 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758210210 CHECK CATALOG
Hannah Swensen is happy to help her business partner prepare for a big family reunion. When her long-lost uncle Gus is found dead with two slices of Hannah's infamous carrot cake by his side, Hannah will have to sift through a long line of suspects to find a killer. …More

Cream Puff Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2010-01 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758210234 CHECK CATALOG
"New York Times"-bestselling author Fluke serves up another yummy installmentof her Hannah Swensen mystery series, and this time Hannah's sometime squeezeis a prime suspect. Includes recipes. …More

Plum Pudding Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2010-09 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758210258 CHECK CATALOG
Includes an excerpt from Apple turnover murder. …More

Apple Turnover Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2011-01 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758234902 CHECK CATALOG
In the latest installment of "New York Times"-bestselling author Fluke's Hannah Swensen mystery series, the beloved baker and sleuth may have bitten off more than she can chew. Includes recipes for more than 10 delicious desserts. …More

Gingerbread Cookie Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
Author Levine, Laura
Author Meier, Leslie
2010-10 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758234957 CHECK CATALOG
No mystery fan can resist a treat this delicious, as "New York Times"-bestselling author Fluke teams up with cozy favorites Laura Levine and Leslie Meier for a merry collection of holiday stories featuring gingerbread cookies--and murder. …More

Devil's Food Cake Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2011-02 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758234919 CHECK CATALOG
A new minister has come to Lake Eden, Minnesota, to fill in for Reverend Bob Knudson, who's on his honeymoon. But when the replacement is found dead in a plate of devil's food cake with a bullet in his head, Hannah Swensen starts asking questions. …More

Candy Cane Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
Author Meier, Leslie
Author Levine, Laura
2007-10 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758221988 CHECK CATALOG
Just in time for the holidays comes the perfect stocking stuffer--a low-priced, hardcover mystery collection featuring novellas from three beloved authors, plus bonus holiday recipes. …More

Cinnamon Roll Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2012-02 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758234933 CHECK CATALOG
When Hannah learns that the Cinnamon Roll Six jazz band will be playing in Lake Eden, Minnesota, she bakes up a supply of their namesake confections to welcome them. But tragedy strikes when their tour bus overturns on its way into town. But minor injuries for the keyboard player turn deadly when someone plunges surgical scissors into his chest. …More

Red Velvet Cupcake Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2013-02 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758280343 CHECK CATALOG
The bestselling author continues to delight cozy mystery readers with superb characters and inventive story lines, but this time Hannah Swensen is now the unlikely subject of a murder investigation. …More

Blackberry Pie Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2014-02 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758280374 CHECK CATALOG
It's been a sleepy summer for the folks of Lake Eden, Minnesota. In fact, it's been a whole four months since anyone in the Swensen family has come across a dead body. And that means Hannah Swensen can finally focus on her bakery. . .or can she? …More

Double Fudge Brownie Murder
By Fluke, Joanne
2015-02 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
9780758280404 CHECK CATALOG
Life in tiny Lake Eden, Minnesota, is usually pleasantly uneventful. Lately, though, it seems everyone has more than their fair share of drama--especially the Swensen family. With so much on her plate, Hannah Swensen can hardly find the time to think about her bakery--let alone the town's most recent murder. . .
Hannah is nervous about the upcoming trial for her involvement in a tragic …More

Centennial Movie Events

Tue, 04/28/2015 - 1:00pm
100 years ago the Brigham City Carnegie Library opened its doors to the community. Since that time is has expanded to include an addition to the original structure and its collections have grown and diversified in formats to include books, eBooks, audiobooks on CD, MP3 discs and players, and downloads. We've got video games and movies too. Internet terminals and our free public wi-fi are always popular. We've got events for children, teen and adults and meeting rooms the public may use for non-profit events when they are not needed for library programs.

So much has changed over the last hundred years and for our centennial we've been showing movies to see how the world's changed and how it has stayed the same over the last hundred years.

We're nearly halfway through the year with 100 Years on the Silver Screen movie series, but it's not to late to jump in and start enjoying. May's movie takes a look at the 1950s with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz!

Check out the list of movies on our 100 Years on the Silver Screen movie series by clicking here. If you've missed the first few, maybe you can catch up at home.

We're so grateful for our centennial movie sponsors: Hansen Motors for paying the movie licensing and Winger's for providing the yummy popcorn.

We've also got an afternoon movie series going on this year with movies based on books. Check out the list of movies on our Off the Pages movie series by clicking here.


Tue, 04/28/2015 - 8:50am
I LOVE COOKIES AND THIS COOKBOOK; "COOKIE LOVE" BY AWARD WINNING PASTRY CHEF MINDY SEGALSue Hill5 StarsApril 28, 2015 Cookie LoveMindy Segal with Kate Leahy   This cookbook is a creative spin on cookie recipes.

The introduction provides a good explanation of the author's background and thought process about baking. It sets the tone for how many of the recipes in the book were arrived at through experimenting with variations of ingredients or techniques. Included in many of the recipes are some suggested variations to try with the recipes for the adventurous baker looking for ideas.

The recipes of the book are grouped by cookie type such as drop cookies, sandwich cookies, bars, etc. The book also includes information on where to buy some of the unusual ingredients, thoughts for consideration on what types of ingredients to stock, equipment to use, techniques to employ, and measurement conversions.

While there are recipes that cookie bakers will recognize (e.g. chocolate chip cookies, thumbprints) the majority of the recipes in the book take a much more creative spin than what you will find in traditional cookbooks. Examples include citrus and brown butter shortbread, honey peach & honeycomb kolachkes, and smoky bacon candy bar cookies. In general, the recipes are ordered within a theme from easier to more difficult to allow you to work your way up to the more challenging recipes.

The photographs in the book showcase well the ingenuity of the recipes.I want to try all of the recipes.

Celebrate 100 Years with the Library, Enter the 100 Word Stories Contest!

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 4:12pm

Writing Contest100 Word Stories
Prompt: library
Submission Guidelines and Rules: 
The prompt, ‘library’, must be used in the story.
Stories must contain exactly 100 words. Stories over 100 words or falling short of 100 words will be disqualified. Hyphenated words will count as one word.
Submissions must be typed and e-mailed in the body of a message to stories100word@gmail.com between 1 January 2015 and 31 October 2015. Attachments will not be opened. Failure to submit the story in the body of an e-mail will result in disqualification.
E-mails should include the author’s name, age, story (in the body of the message), and phone number.
Entries will be considered and used as they are submitted. The committee will not make any edits to the author’s original submission. Please edit your work before you submit.
All entries should be original and unpublished.
A committee will be formed to select the winning entry. While multiple entries may be worthy of a prize the committee will only be able to select one (1) grand prize winner and one (1) runner-up from each the following categories:
  •  Super Storytellers: Kids up to 11 years old
  •  Fantastic Fictioneers: 12 – 17
  •  Pleasureful Plotters: 18 +

Once the committee has selected the contest winners, their decision is final.
  • Prizes:

o   Grand Prize: Kindle w/touchscreen displayo   Runners-up: $10 Visa gift card (1 for each category)
Winners will be announced and their 100 word stories read at the Carnegie Library’s 100th birthday celebration on Monday, 7 December 2015 at 7 p.m.
Limit: One entry per person. Multiple story entries will result in the disqualification of all entries by that person. (Wait to submit until you know which story you want to be considered by the committee.)
By submitting a 100 word story you are granting the Library unlimited rights in using and displaying your story for Library purposes. This includes, but is not limited to: in-library displays and posts on the Library’s website and social media sites.


Tue, 04/14/2015 - 3:29pm
GO OFF THE CLOCK WITH CHRISTINA TOSI OF MOMPFUKU MILK BARSue Hill4.5 StarsApril 14, 2015 Milk Bar LifeChristina Tosi, Author of Momofuku Milk Bar back to book I love the recipes from Tosi's first book "Momfuku Milk Bar." My favorite cookie recipe from her bakery is her Corn Flake Cookies.  Now Christina has written a new cookbook filled with family recipes and stories.  Yes, many of the recipes use supermarket foods like Velveeta Cheese.  This cookbook is filled with sweet and savory recipes, many that seem to reflect Tosi's sence of humor.  I can't wait to cook her Ritz Cookies and her Sugar Cookie Squares named "The Greta" after her mother.

  • price:$35.00
  • isbn:978-0-7704-3510-3
  • release:Apr 7th, 2015
  • formatHardcover
  • category:Cooking - Quick & Easy


Mon, 04/06/2015 - 10:55am
The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and SpoonSara Forte, Photography by Hugh Forte back to book This cookbook offers bowls of happiness, thanks to Sara Forte's recipes and her husband Hugh's stunning photographs. This is how life should be daily. Daily!

Bowls are warm, inviting, whole. In the overview, Sara mentions that she doesn't necessarily have a favorite cuisine or speciality. I could really relate to this. People ask me the same question all the time. My answer is usually good fresh food, whatever's in season, whatever looks best, so I totally identified with Sara when I read: "What I do well is what I care most about, which is produce."

This is why this cookbook is good every day. It's divided into morning bowls, side bowls, big bowls, sweet bowls. Fill your own bowl with wonderful meals. Reviewed by Sue Hill

A Beautiful Little Book

Wed, 03/25/2015 - 3:35pm
I don't really know what I expected when I selected this book. It's a fairly small volume, about 5"x7", hard covered, with very nice coated pages. Each page has a contemporary watercolor, with notes about the way the artist created the picture. I'm not entirely sure what I expected from this book. Perhaps a little more detail? This is what the author says in her introduction, in part: "Accompanying each work is a short exploration of the artist's approach and the techniques used, so you can try some of the ideas out too."

Each pair of pages contains a picture to the right, and a paragraph or 2 on the left page briefly discussing what the painting is, and perhaps what the artist intended to create. Other than the pages about making blooms and similar special effects, there isn't much on how the paintings were created - paper, paint, ink, whatever - in most cases. It's a pretty little book, and a nice review, but isn't as helpful to the artistic process as I might have hope.